Black Box

In any one year, the Lush Prize may present a Black Box Prize of the full £350,000 Lush Prize fund for a key breakthrough in human toxicity pathways research.

Research is eligible for the Black Box Prize if it fully elucidates and describes a human adverse outcome pathway, with experimental evidence to demonstrate all the necessary key steps from the first interaction of one or more chemical molecules to the full effects at the cellular, tissue or individual level.

Research must have led to the development and regulatory acceptance, ideally at OECD level, of one or more non-animal tests that replace some or all existing animal tests related to this pathway.

The research should have been completed and published within five years prior to the annual award.

We are not requesting entries or nominations for the Black Box, as any award is at the discretion of the Lush Prize organisers and Judges.

We do however welcome your suggestions or ideas.