2018 Conference

The Lush Prize regularly hosts a public conference to coincide with the awards ceremony and prize giving, providing an opportunity for scientists, campaigners and other experts from around the world to exchange ideas and information about the movement to end animal testing.

The 2018 Lush Prize Conference was held in Berlin on the theme of:
‘Is there an end in sight for animal testing? Can Organ-on-a-Chip replace animal use in safety testing with advanced human focused approaches?’

There were presentations from expert guest speakers and this year’s winners, sessions on innovation and change in Germany, as well as themes on science, regulatory and campaigning issues on the replacement of animal tests with human-relevant approaches.

Most presentations are available to download in PDF format.


Session 1: Innovation and change in Germany


0:15 – 01:45
Chair: Prof. Lisbeth Knudsen
Professor of Toxicology, University of Copenhagen and Lush Prize Judge

01:50 – 14:50
Dr. Ilka Maschmeyer, Senior Scientist, TissUse and 2015 Young Researcher Lush Prizewinner
Download: Combining organ equivalents using the Multi-Organ-Chip technology

14:55 – 35:00
Renate Künast, Green Party Germany
Download: End the cage age: tools for change

35:10 – 42:50
Dr. Joachim Wiest, Cellasys GmbH
Download: Animal-free science at Cellasys

42:55 – 1:00:44
Questions & Answers

Keynote Speaker
Prof. Dan Dongeun Huh

The BIOLines Research Group, University of Pennsylvania
Microengineered physiological bio-mimicry: human organs-on-chips



Session 2: Chips, pathways and gaining regulatory approval


0:20 – 01:15
Chair: Dr. Gill Langley, Scientific Consultant and Lush Prize Judge

01:20 – 21:40
Dr. Herman Koeter, Chair, Netherlands National Committee for the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes (NCad) and Managing Director ,Orange House Partnership (OHP)
Download: Where there is a will, there is a way

21:50 – 33:45
Dr.Terry McCann, Scientific Consultant, TJM Consultancy, Lush Prize
Download: OoCs, MoCs, & HoCs: Can organs-on-a-chip replace animal testing?

33:55 – 51:05
Troy Seidle, Director, Research & Toxicology, Humane Society International Canada & Lush Prize Judge
Download: The Global Trend in ending animal testing

51:15 – 01:09:39
Questions & Answers

Keynote Speaker: Kathrin Herrmann, Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT), Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA.
Download: Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change



Session 3: Public Awareness and Lobbying


00:00 – 09:40
Anthony Bellotti, White Coat Waste, USA
Winner of 2018 Public Awareness Prize
Defunding and Defeating Taxpayer-Funded Animal Testing.

09:40 – 21:00
Dr. Róber Bachinski, Brazilian Network for Humane Education (RedEH), Brazil
Winner of 2018 Lobbying Prize
Ending Animal Use in Classroom Experiments

21:00 – 35:00
Dr. Jeoung Ae Han, The Minjoo, Democratic Party of South Korea
Commended, 2018 Lobbying Prize
Passage of Korean Major Chemical Law Reform: Prioritisation of Alternatives to Animal Testing

35:00 – 41:42
Questions & Answers

Keynote Speaker: TJ Bozada, ToxTrack, USA
Download: Machine Learning-Enabled Toxicity Models Outperform Animal Test Counterparts



Breakout sessions: Presentations from Lush Prize winners


Kristie Sullivan, MPH – Lush Prize Judge
Download: Can AOPs Save the World?

White Coat Waste Project – Public Awareness Award Winner
Download: De-funding and Defeating Taxpayer-Funded Animal Testing

Dr. Marize Campos Valadares (LPCT Team) – Training Award Winner
Download: Disseminating Alternative Methods in Brazil and South America: Education and Training for Animal Replacement in Science

Dr Vinicius Alves – Young Researcher Award Winner
Download: Development of an artificial intelligence-based web platform for early toxicity assessment of mixtures present in major classes of industrial chemicals

Ms Aline Chary – Young Researcher Award Winner
Download: Development of an alveolar in vitro model to assess the respiratory
sensitizing potential to inhaled compounds

Dr. Guan-Yu Chen – Young Researcher Award Winner
Development of Microphysiological Systems for the Health Effects of Particulate Matter

Ms Alexandra Damerau – Young Researcher Award Winner
Download: Development of an in vitro arthritic joint model

Mr Nikolas Gaio – Young Researcher Award Winner
Download: Silicon-on-Chip

Mr Sasan Jalili Firoozinezhad – Young Researcher Award Winner
Download: Modeling radiation injury and countermeasure drug responses in a human Intestine Chip

Dr Alessandro Polini – Young Researcher Award Winner
Neuromuscular junction-on-a-chip models for the study of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease

Kota Toshimoto – Young Researcher Award Winner
Download: Prediction in silico of major clearance pathway of drugs in vivo

Dr Daniel Urbisch – Young Researcher Award Winner
Download: Replacement of animal testing: Evaluation of non-animal methods for assessing skin sensitization

Dr. Xing Jiangwa – Young Researcher Award Winner
Download: The μP-hPST Assay for Developmental Toxicity Screening and Mechanism Study



Session 4: Foetal Calf Serum, Antibodies and other test materials; making replacement methods fully human relevant


00:20 – 09:20
Bianca Marigliani – Lush Prize 2015 ‘Young Researcher’ Prize winner & 2018 Judge, INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology) and UNIFESP (Federal University of São Paulo)
Download: Adapting cells to a chemically defined medium: a step towards making in vitro methods fully cruelty free

09:25 – 22:30
Dr. Alison Gray, Afability
Download: Animal Immunization for Antibody Production. Overlooked…..and Obsolete

22:35 – 32:05
Dr. Jan Van der Valk, 3Rs Centre Utrecht
Download: Fetal Bovine Serum or Fatal Bovine Serum?

32:10 – 43:15
Dr. Carol Treasure, Founder & CEO, XcellR8 Ltd. UK
Title: Application of animal product free in vitro tests in industry.

43:20 – 49:11
Questions & Answers


Closing remarks: Dr. Gill Langley