The Lobbying Prize is open to individuals, groups or organisations pushing for change, focusing on policy interventions promoting the use of alternatives to animal testing.

We seek nominations from those working on replacing, rather than reducing or refining animal experiments.

Nominations close on 6th December 2019.

Please read the eligibility guidelines and complete the Entry Form below.

Political Achievement Award

This is an additional recognition award for the Best Elected Politician taking up the issue of animal experimentation. It is for elected political officials at any level and in any country and is a non-financial award. You can nominate someone for this award here.


Lobbing Prize Eligibility Guidelines

You can see the Full Eligibility Guidelines and Requirements for Winners here. If you have any queries, please contact us.

The overriding aim of the Lush Prize is to reward individuals, groups or organisations who are working hard and doing most to find and push forward replacements to non-human animal testing in toxicology. Naturally therefore, the aim is that this money will be channelled towards those who aren’t involved in the use of animals.

The Lobbying Prize is a ‘1R rather than 3R’ prize. In other words we are seeking nominations from those working on replacing, rather than reducing or refining animal experiments.  An explanation of 3R’s can be found here on the NC3Rs website.

The prize aims particularly to reward those working in areas where funding is tight and these areas may be given priority.

For the 2020 Prize, nominated projects must have been running in 2019 or 2020.

No organisation will receive an award for two prize cycles in a row. This normally includes affiliate groups such as departments of the same organisation in different countries. If you are unclear whether this applies to your organisation please contact us.


Lobbing Prize Entry Form

We do not accept nominations on behalf of someone else. If there is someone whom you think may want to enter the Lobbying Prize, you can notify them using this email form.

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