Health Charity Project

Just as new 21st century approaches like mapping molecular pathways and organs on chips are revolutionising chemical safety testing, they are also transforming the way health research is being conducted.

Indeed, some past winners of our science prizes have been doing disease research whose learnings have helped inform chemical safety analyses.

Although most health research charities still use the old animal-based model extensively, increasing proportions of their funds are finding their way into projects using these new non-animal techniques.

This is not normally because of ethical objections to animal use, but simply because speed, cost, reproducibility and human-relevance are all improved.

In order to draw attention to and encourage this transition, the Lush Prize had created the Health Charity Project award.

This award is open to registered charities. It is a non-financial award.

We’re looking for animal-free work, or collaborations, that have created important new insights or techniques in the last eighteen months.

Entries for the 2024 Prize are now closed.