2023 Conference

The Lush Prize Conference provides an opportunity for scientists, campaigners and other experts from around the world to exchange ideas and information about the movement to end animal testing.

How can roadmaps help bring forward an end to all animal use in chemical safety testing?

Global science and campaigning initiatives continue with the objective of securing commitment from authorities and regulators to transition to animal-free research and testing.

Awareness of the need for animal-free innovation continues to grow, with the ongoing development of new non-animal methods. However the number of animals used in tests has stagnated or in many areas is increasing.

This year, Lush Prize hosted a half day webinar to enable further discussion on this critical issue. When and how will ‘concrete’ steps on roadmaps be established, which will translate into meaningful elimination of animal tests and make way for more scientifically relevant approaches?


Recordings of the sessions are below


Session 1: Focus on a roadmap for the UK

  • Chair: Rob Harrison, Director, Lush Prize
  • Kimberley Jayne, Science Policy Advisor, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) UK
  • Isobel Martin, Public Affairs Director, Animal Free Research UK
  • Jessamy Korotoga, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid UK
  • Speaker Q&A with audience


Session 2: Learning from experience of roadmaps around the world

  • Chair: Rebecca Ram, Lush Prize
  • Debby Weijers, Director, Proefdiervrij – Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing, Netherlands
  • Luisa Bastos, Animals in Science Senior Programme Leader, Eurogroup for Animals, Belgium
  • Nicole Kleinstreuer, Director, NTP Interagency Center for the Evaluation of Alternative Toxicological Methods (NICEATM); USA.
  • Speaker Q&A with audience