Black Box Prize

The Lush Prize Black Box Award aims to stimulate a worldwide research and training focus on 21st Century toxicology with a view to replacing animal tests completely.

In 2019 Lush Prize decided to re-focus its criteria for awarding a Black Box Prize on projects most likely to lead to practical non-animal tests which could be accepted by regulators.

We think the most promising approaches include:

  • adverse outcome pathways
  • organs on chips, and
  • computational toxicology


Specifically the Black Box Prize is looking to award either:

  • the first, fully accepted, human relevant adverse outcome pathway for systemic toxicology or developmental toxicology OR
  • the first internationally recognised and fully endorsed regulatory acceptance of a new substance using entirely non-animal methods


The Black Box Prize offers a £250,000 award for a key breakthrough in either of these areas of research.

We are not requesting nominations for the Black Box Prize, but welcome your ideas, feedback and suggestions.