2024 Prize

The award winners will be announced at an Awards Ceremony held online on Tuesday 21st May.


2024 Shortlist

Fifty five projects from around the world have been shortlisted for the Lush Prize 2024. See the full shortlist here.

The seven categories represent outstanding work in scientific initiatives to replace animal testing with biologically-relevant, non-animal science, public awareness campaigns to draw attention to ongoing animal tests and political lobbying to end animal testing.


Award Categories

We accept entries from anywhere in the world, in five prize categories:

Lobbying: For exceptional individuals, groups or organisations pushing for change, focusing on policy interventions promoting the use of non-animal research methods.

Public Awareness: For individuals, teams or institutions raising awareness of animal testing.

Science: For individuals, research teams or institutions for work most likely to lead to practical non-animal tests which could be accepted by regulators.

Training: For individuals, teams or organisations establishing training programmes in using non-animal methods.

Young Researcher: For young scientists (under 35 years of age) focused on an animal-test free future.

And for three non-financial Recognition Awards.

Health Charity Project: For animal-free work, or collaborations, that have created important new insights or techniques in the last eighteen months.

Major Science Collaboration: For international collaborations looking to develop non-animal techniques or approaches more widely and in the longer term.

Political Achievement: For elected political officials at any level and in any country who have made a major contribution towards the ending or replacement of animal research and testing.

In addition, our panel of judges will award the Andrew Tyler Award for outstanding contribution towards ending animal testing.

The Black Box Prize is available at our judges’ discretion, whereby the entire prize fund may be awarded for a key breakthrough in human toxicity pathways research.


Judging Panel

The judging panel is made up of distinguished scientists and campaigners, plus a Lush Cosmetics member of staff and customer.

See the 2024 judges here.



The 2023 conference was held on Tuesday 14th November.

The theme is How can roadmaps help bring forward an end to all animal use in chemical safety testing?more details here.


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