Major Science Collaboration

Since the Lush Prize began in 2012, our science awards have mainly gone to single university researchers or teams who have achieved breakthroughs making it more likely that animal-based safety tests might eventually be replaced.

We haven’t failed to notice though the emergence of significant international collaborations looking to develop non-animal techniques or approaches more widely and in the longer term.

Indeed, our Science Research papers usually map them briefly and ones they have identified recently include the US government’s NCATS’ Tissue Chips programme and the EU’s RISK-HUNT3R programme.

To celebrate and highlight the best of these, we have introduced the Major Science Collaboration award category.

As with the Science Prize, focus areas for this award are adverse outcome pathways, organs on chips, and computational toxicology.

We are looking to award a major multi-year collaboration with more than one large institution involved. This is a non-financial award.

Entries for the 2024 Lush Prize close on Friday 1st December.

Please read the Eligibility Guidelines and Requirements for Winners here.


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