Bianca Marigliani

Photo: Bianca Marigliani

This year Lush Prize has introduced a new ‘Young Researcher Judge’, selected from previous winners of the Young Researcher Prize.

Bianca Marigliani is a biologist with a Masters Degree in Biotechnology from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Also a specialist in Molecular Biology and in Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, she is now finishing her PhD thesis on the replacement of animal-derived products in alternative in-vitro methods, research that was funded by her winning a Young Researcher award in the 2015 Lush Prize.

Her graduation final work was on the consequences of eating animal products for humans, animals and the environment, the beginning of a career now fully devoted to ending the use of animals in science.

She is one of the founding members of the 1R Institute ( – which won a Lush Prize for Lobbying in 2016) and is currently working on the development and implementation of alternative in-vitro methods for cosmetic testing, focusing on the total replacement of animals in safety assessments.