Professor Thales Tréz

Photo: Professor Thales Tréz

Thales is a biologist and full time professor at the Institute of Science and Techonology (Alfenas Federal University) in Brazil.

Since the beginning of his academic career, in 2000, Thales’ work focuses on the use of animals for educational and research purposes, providing a criticism from a scientific approach.

He has a Masters in Applied Ethics at K.U.Leuven (Belgium), about the ethical and educational aspects of using animals for educational reasons, and also Ph.D. in Science Education.

His thesis shall be published this year (2014) as a book, where an epistemological and scientific criticism is directed towards the use of animals as models for biomedical research.

He has coordinated the website since 1999 – the most complete website in Portuguese about animal replacement in education and research. He is also a kitesurfer and full time wild nature admirer.