Professor Lisbeth Knudsen

Photo: Professor Lisbeth Knudsen

Lisbeth is professor of Toxicology at the University of Copenhagen.

She is a member of the board of The Danish 3R Center and received the Nordic Alternative Price 2006 for promoting development of alternatives to animal testing.

She is also the coordinator of the Danish in vitro toxicology network and president of the European Consensus Platform for 3R Alternatives to Animal Experimentation (ECOPA). ECOPA is based on the concept of consensus between the parties concerned, i.e. animal welfare, industry, academia and government institutions.

Lisbeth’s main areas of research are: toxicology, genotoxicology, biomonitoring of environmental and occupational exposures, alternatives to animal experiments, ethical aspects of genetic testing and biomonitoring.

Lisbeth is the study director of bachelor and master studies in Public Health Sciences at the Faculty of Health and Medicine at University of Copenhagen and teaches 3R in science, toxicology and environmental health.