Young Researcher Awards for Asia and Americas

Lush businesses in America and Asia are combining with Lush Prize to seek nominations for ten extra awards of £10,000 each for young scientists working on non-animal models in these parts of the world.

Applicants can enter for these regional prizes here. Scientists must be under 36 years old and must make their nominations by July 4th 2018. 

This is the third year that regional Young Researcher awards have been made as part of the wider Lush Prize project.


In previous years winners have included:

  • Dr Zhen Ma from Syracuse University in the USA for his work on predicting the toxicity of chemicals on human embryos without the use of animals.
  • Dr Renato Ivan de Ávila Marcelino from Federal University of Goiás Brazil for his work on predicting the reactivity of chemicals to the sun without animal use.
  • Dr Kenry from the National University of Singapore for his work on assessing the safety of nanomaterials without the use of animals.


Our panel of expert judges from around the world meet in September and winners will be awarded their prizes at a ceremony in Berlin in November.