Welcoming the 2018 Lush Customer and Staff lay judges

Each year Lush selects two lay judges to sit alongside the experts, and represent the public opinion on animal testing.

We are pleased to welcome Isla Bruce and Professor Elizabeth Kucinich as part of this year’s judging panel.

Isla has been selected at the ‘Lush Staff Judge’. Isla Blair

She is a supervisor in Livingston, Scotland. Whilst at Lush she attended Edinburgh Napier University and have recently graduated with First Class Honours degree in Biomedical science.

In October she will be starting a research masters which involves using human cells for prostate cancer treatment.

Elizabeth has been selected at the ‘Lush Customer Judge’.Professor Elizabeth Kucinich

She is a life-long advocate for animal welfare, beginning her advocacy while still in secondary school. Elizabeth has been a powerful advocate working with domestic and international organizations and members of the US Congress and their staffs, to advance sustainable and regenerative, science and integrity-based policies.

She has worked extensively to promote human relevant, non-animal models for testing and trauma training.


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