Calling staff and customer judges for 2018

Seven years in, the Lush Prize has awarded over £1.8 million in prize money to scientists, campaigners and lobbyists, rewarding those achievements that are advancing the day when no animals will be used for testing.

Science projects, public advocacy campaigns and lobbying work are all represented in the Lush Prize categories – and the judging panel is made up of independent science and animal welfare experts from within the science community and animal welfare NGOs.

Do you want to be part of this?

Once again, we are looking for two lay judges to be a part of this year’s judging panel, to sit alongside the experts representing the public opinion on animal testing.

We are looking for one customer judge and one chosen from Lush staff.

How to become one of the 2018 Lay Judges

The successful applicants would need to read through the entry nominations in advance and would share an equal vote to decide the prize winners on a judging day in London, with the rest of the panel on September 7th 2018.

Past years have seen a huge variety of people take the role of Lay Judge, from all ages and parts of the world and who have been a real and meaningful part of the process.

Could you be the person we need this year to represent the animals and the public?

To enter you need to be:

  • Adult (18 and over).
  • Passionate about seeing an end to animal testing.
  • Have the time to read through the detailed entry applications in advance at home.
  • Have the ability to read the prize entries, form an opinion and be the voice of the public during the judging day.
  • Be available to be in London all day September 7th 2018. Open to applicants worldwide. Expenses will be paid for by Lush.

You do not need to be an expert, but some experience of animal advocacy or some scientific knowledge would certainly be a bonus. What is most essential is a passion for animal welfare, the desire to be part of rewarding those who are pushing forward the advances in non-animal testing methods.

How to enter

To enter simply tell us in your own words why you think you should be the person to represent animals and the public as Lush Prize judge 2018.

Send your email to with the title ‘Customer Judge 2018’ or ‘Staff Judge 2018’ by Friday 3rd August 2018.

If you would like to be a Staff Judge, please tell us where you work in your email.


Previous Lay Judges

Customer judge – M. Patricia Li (USA)
Staff judge – Kevin Osako (Brazil)

Customer judge – Erin G. Fears (USA)
Staff judge – Luther Vallentos (Dubai)

Customer judge – Anna Ferguson Montague (UK)
Staff judge – Melissa Mastro (USA)

Customer judge – Pilar Badia (Spain)
Staff judge – Suzy Hill (UK)

Customer judge – Sean O’Callaghan (UK)
Staff judge – Roxy White (USA)

Customer judge – Sofia Lopes (Portugal)
Staff judge – Matilda Hearn (UK)