Lush Prize 2020 is now open for nominations

We are pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the Lush Prize awards. With the Prize now becoming a biennial prize fund the timeframe has also changed and we have added some new prizes:

LP2020 opened on 9 September and nominations will remain open for three months, closing on 6 December 2019. Nominations can only be made via the Enter page of our website.

The LP2020 Conference and Awards Ceremony will be held in London in May 2020 – further details will be announced soon.

The prize fund is still £250,000 across the usual five categories, but we have added two new prizes:

Within the Public Awareness Prize we now have two separate prizes, with a potential £25,000 for each winner:

  • The usual Public Awareness Prize rewards individuals or organisations raising public awareness of ongoing animal testing.
  • The new Future Project award will help individuals or organisations fund a new initiative.

As well as the usual Lobbying Prize we now also have a non-financial ‘Political Achievement Award’ to recognise the essential work politicians do to create lasting legal change for animals and science.

There have been significant advancements in animal-free toxicology since Lush Prize began in 2012 so we have updated some of our narrative and criteria in the Science, Black Box and Young Researcher categories:

Science Prize:

We have re-focussed our criteria for awarding the Science Prize on projects most likely to lead to practical non-animal tests that could be accepted by regulators. These include:

  • Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs)
  • Organs-on-Chips, and
  • Computational toxicology

Lush Prize is also particularly interested in human relevant adverse outcome pathways for systemic toxicology or developmental toxicology.

Young Researcher Prize:

We will continue to award five YR prizes, and at least one of the awards will be given for work on computational toxicology. Furthermore, given the previous success of Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) in skin and eye sensitisation, Lush Prize is keen to address another urgent unmet need in human relevant toxicity testing, namely the drive for development of new AOPs in systemic or developmental toxicology.

We look forward to receiving your nomination to the Lush Prize 2020 and continuing to support initiatives to end and replace animal testing. If you have any questions get in touch with us through the contact page of our website.


13 September 2019