Iran ends animal testing in educational institutions

News from Dr Ramak Roshanaei, Director of 2016 Lush Prize winner the Iranian Anti-Vivisection Association (IAVA):

Finally, it is a reality! Following a long journey that started with a belief, transformed to a wish, became a hope, reincarnated as endless endeavours, and continued through failures and tears, yet still thriving, standing up and continuing, the sheer joy came!

The deputy of education at the Ministry of Education in Iran has ordered all subordinate departments and schools that all vivisection activities MUST be stopped forever in all laboratories, school classes, and scientific contests in Iran from 27 July 2019. The letter talks about “living beings”, so we understood it to cover all animals.

The belief in the high merit of life of all creatures bloomed again. We would like to dedicate this victory to all animal lovers and animal right activists, and express our gratitude to those special women and men in power who joined our campaign and helped turned this wish into a reality!

To quote Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done!”


17 September 2019