2012 Short List Announced

Today we formally announced our short list for the 2012 awards.   And with more than thirty projects from fifteen different countries making it through to the final list, the Prize is developing a truly international feel. Successful nominations have arrived from as far away as Russia, Pakistan, Japan and the USA.

The short list shows the huge variety of excellent work that has been achieved in the last year.  And the global nature of the projects illustrates the global scale of consumer product safety testing on animals.  All the people who have made it to the short list though should be proud of the outstanding contribution that their work has made to the replacement of animal use in 2011/12.

View the full short list here.

Our Judges will meet in London to pick the winners on October 15th. The winners will be announced at a ground-breaking awards event on November 15th.  Watch this space for more information.