Dr Pranjul Shah

Photo: Dr Pranjul Shah

Dr Pranjul Shah has been selected as a Young Researcher Judge for the Lush Prize 2020.

Pranjul won a Lush Prize Young Researcher award in 2016. He has a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark, a master’s degree from University of Glasgow and an undergraduate degree from Gujarat University.

During his PhD, he was handpicked as a Kauffman Global Scholar, a fellowship coordinated by the Kauffman Foundation, MIT, Stanford University and Harvard University.

Currently, he leads the University of Luxembourg Incubator, which is the hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He also invented a number of award-winning technologies leading to multiple patents and numerous scientific and business awards.

Pranjul is the inventor of HuMiX gut on a chip system, which makes it possible to probe the human gut in relation to the gut bacteria (microbiome) and their role in our health and disease.

HuMiX was awarded the Outstanding Scientific Publication as well as Outstanding Research-Driven Innovation awards by the National Research Fund of Luxembourg.