How to support the Lush Prize


Here at the Lush Prize Team we’re regularly asked by individual people how they can get involved if they’re not a scientist or don’t work for a campaign group. Well, here are some top tips:

1: Nominate
Do you know a campaign or lobbying organisation, scientist, science team or young researcher who you think should win the Lush Prize? If so, then nominate them and also tell them about the Prize. Nominations can be made on our website.

2: Promote us on social media
Do you use social media? If so, promote the Lush Prize to your friends and contacts. We’re on Twitter @Lush_Prize and Facebook 

3: Buy cruelty-free
Don’t support animal testing! Make sure you only buy products that haven’t been tested on animals (and that the ingredients are cruelty-free too). Lush products are free of animal testing (of course!) and 100% vegetarian – 80% of the products are also suitable for vegans.
These websites are useful for finding cruelty-free products:
Leaping Bunny website – search by country and product type
Search for cruelty-free companies 
Animal ingredients guide – a useful guide to understanding what’s in a product!

Remember, that although the sale of animal tested cosmetics is now banned in the European Union, always buy from a company you can trust as some ingredients are animal tested for other purposes (e.g. if they’re also used in non-cosmetic products such as chemicals). Also, some companies will conduct animal testing outside of the EU so they can sell products in other countries, such as China. Don’t forget to check with the company to confirm their products are vegan if it doesn’t say on the label.

4: Get active
Want to get active against animal testing in your local area? Search these directories for details of local and national campaign organisations:
World Animal Net 
Veggies (UK)
Do you have any other ideas on how people can get involved? Maybe you want to share your story (or a photo) of how you’re helping to end animal testing? We’d love to hear them! Send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or email us at