The SPARK Pledge

Congratulations to the Centre for Center for Contemporary Sciences (CCS) on the launch of SPARK: The Pledge to Modernize Safety and Toxicity Testing.

CCS is a relatively new non-profit based in the USA which aims to create a better medical science paradigm by arguing that replacing animal testing is a win win for humans and animals.

It was founded by Dr Aysha Akhtar who spoke at our conference on Public Awareness in 2021. CCS was also shortlisted for the Lush Prize lobbying award in 2022.

The SPARK Pledge is a commitment to replace the use of ineffective and harmful animal experimentation in toxicity and safety testing with more modern, effective solutions. Lush Prize is pleased to be a co-sponsor of the pledge, which includes the following objectives;

  • Replacing the use of animals in testing, with the aim of complete elimination of animal testing;
  • Working with regulatory and other governmental agencies to identify and accept more effective methods to replace animal testing.
  • Scientific advancement by encouraging others to create, develop, and use innovative solutions to replace animal testing and improve human and environmental protection.
  • Demonstration of how replacement of animal tests is achievable.

Find out much more on the CCS website.