São Paulo goes cruelty-free

sao paulo





This month the São Paulo Parliament has implemented a ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

Cruelty Free International representative in Brazil, Frank Alarcón said: ‘We are delighted.. This is the first such ban in Latin America, and follows similar bans in the European Union and India as the wave of ethical consumer choice sweeps around the world. We congratulate the Parliament and Governor Alckmin on their progressive decision and call on other state governments and the national government to follow their example.’

The ban follows extensive campaigning in Brazil by groups including Cruelty Free International which included the submission of a petition with 120,000 Brazilians calling for an end to animal testing for cosmetics.

The explanatory text to the law says: ‘We believe that companies can guarantee the safety of their products choosing among thousands of already existent ingredients that possess a long history of safe use, at the same time as using an increasing number of alternative methods that do not involve animal use.’

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Image by Fernando Stankuns on flickr.com