Lab chimps see sun for first time

This short video documents the release of more than 100 government-owned chimpanzees into Chimp Haven, an idyllic place of retirement for lab chimps in the US.

The moving video was recently named the Telly Award’s ‘People’s Silver Winner’ for creative distinction. Kathleen Conlee, vice president of Animal Research Issues for the Humane Society of the United States said:

“The faces of the chimpanzees from our undercover work is what has fuelled our efforts, and to see them finally reach sanctuary and step out on that grass led to a flood of emotions. But we still have more to do. We are so thankful this award gives us another opportunity to tell their stories as we work to get those chimpanzees remaining in laboratories to the sanctuary they so deserve.”

If you know a group or person who deserves to be rewarded for their efforts in the fight against animal testing remember that nominations are now open for this year’s Lush Prize.