In-silico NAMS and big data – progress towards ending animal testing

A new paper co-authored by Lush Prize Scientific Consultant Rebecca Ram and Lush Prize 2020 winning researchers Dr Domenico Gadaleta and Dr Tim Allen discusses the progress of in-silico (computational) models alongside others (e.g. in vitro) as components of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs). It also looks at the vital role of ‘big data’ and artificial intelligence (AI) in safety testing and biomedical research. Big data has increasing relevance to predictive toxicology.

Dr Gadaleta of the Mario Negri Institute, Italy was a Young Researcher prize winner in 2020 and Dr Tim Allen of the MRC Toxicology Unit, Cambridge University won the Science Prize. 

The paper also discusses the need for international change from regulators and policymakers, in recognising the scientific benefits of a shift towards NAMs and away from animal use.

The paper is published in Computational Toxicology can be accessed here.

5 June 2022