Vincitori 2013

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We had 12 outstanding winners of the 2013 Lush Prize Awards sharing prize money of £250,000, plus one Special Award. 
They include researchers in university departments from Cardiff to Innsbruck and campaigners from the USA and Sweden.



The Science Prize – 21st Century Toxicology


Joint Winner: QSAR and Molecular Modelling Group, Liverpool John Moores University.

For their work developing computational alternatives to animal testing to predict the effects of chemicals.

Award  £25,000

Accepted by Dr Steve Enoch, QSAR and Molecular Modelling Group,


Joint Winner: The Lung & Particles Research Group, Cardiff University

For their work developing non-animal replacement models of the human respiratory system for inhalation toxicology applications.

Award  £25,000

Accepted by Zoë Prytherch,  in vitro toxicologist for the LPRG.



The Training Prize – training researchers in non-animal methods


Joint Winner: XCellR8

For providing training in ethically sound and scientifically advanced human cell culture research technologies.

Award  £25,000

Accepted by: Dr Carol Barker, XCeller8 Founder


Joint winner: Dr Anna Maria Bassi’s Research Team

For the development and delivery of training courses in animal-free cell culture research in accordance with EU regulation.

Award  £25,000

Accepted by: Dr Anna Maria Bassi



The Lobbying Prize – policy interventions promoting the use of alternatives


Joint winner: The International Council on Animal Protection in OECD Programmes (ICAPO).

For their successful work with the OECD, now a world leader in the promotion of non-animal methods, approaches and policies.

Award  £40,000

Accepted by: Kristie Sullivan director of regulatory testing issues at the US-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and coordinator of ICAPO activities.


Joint winner:  The Swedish Fund for Research Without Animal Experiments

For their work with Swedish regulators to replace animal testing.

Award  £10,000

Accepted by: Karin Gabrielson Morton,



The Public Awareness Prize – for raising public awareness of ongoing testing


Joint winner: PETA, Laboratory Investigations Department, USA

For their high-profile campaigns against organisations that test on animals and that provide support services for animal testing.

Award: £25, 000

Accepted by: Justin Goodman, Laboratory Investigations Department (LID) director.


Joint winner: SAFE (Save Animals from Exploitation) New Zealand

For publicising the use of animal-testing in national drugs regulation and helping consumers to buy cruelty-free products.

Award: £25, 000

Accepted by Mandy Carter, SAFE Campaign Manager



The Young Researchers Prize – post-doctoral students specialising in alternative research


Awarded to: Simona Martinotti

For her research with Dr. Ranzato into wound healing using drug strategies based on natural products and traditional medicines.

Award: £12,500


Awarded to: Alice Limonciel

For her research into the improvement of in-vitro models for testing toxicity effects on human kidneys.

Award: £12,500


Awarded to: Lydia Aschauer

For her research on improving predictions of human responses to chemicals through understanding molecular mechanisms.

Award: £12,500


Awarded to: Katja Reinhard

For her research into visual impairment and blindness using human retinal tissue in vitro.

Award: £12,500



Lush Prize 2013 Special Award

To celebrate the European ban on the use of animals in the testing of products for cosmetics purposes earlier this year.

Awarded to: Emily McIvor
Policy Director, Research & Toxicology Department, Humane Society International/Europe.




Now in its second year, the annual Lush Prize has seen a more than 40%  increase in nominations from science projects.

Lush Co-founder and managing director Mark Constantine OBE said:

 “Sadly animal testing for the cosmetics industry is still widespread. The Lush Prize is worth a quarter of a million pounds and we hope to fund the Eureka moment – when a breakthrough is made to end animal testing of cosmetics forever.”


Rob Harrison from Ethical Consumer magazine and a director of the Lush Prize said:

 “The implementation of the European Cosmetics Directive in March has made 2013 a year to remember for campaigners against animal testing.  Unreliable Victorian technologies testing on non-human species are increasingly being replaced by human cell-based tests of the kind rewarded in this year’s prize.”