Finalistes 2014

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Thirty eight organisations and scientists were short-listed for the 2014 Prize.

The nominees covered a wide range of fantastic work to end animal testing across science and campaigning and show a truly global nature to these efforts.

Nine European countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK), Australasia (New Zealand, Australia), North and South America (USA, Brazil), Asia (India, Japan, Taiwan) and Africa (South Africa, Kenya) were represented across the five Prize categories.


Full list of nominees (winners in bold)




Beagle Freedom Project, USA

CAAT-Europe (Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing), Germany

EQUIVITA Antivivisection Scientific Committee, Italy

New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS), New Zealand

PETA India, India

Sérgio Greif, Brazil


Public Awareness


AnimaNaturalis, Spain

Beagle Freedom Project, USA

Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa, South Africa

Choose Cruelty Free Australia, Australia

Djurrättsalliansen (The Animal Rights Alliance), Sweden

Humane Research Australia, Australia

Pro Anima, France

SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation), New Zealand

Sérgio Greif, Brazil

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! USA

Taiwan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Taiwan




Assisted Conception Unit, Guy’s Hospital, UK

CAAT-Europe (Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing), Germany

Dr Wolfgang Boomgaarden. PharmaInformatic, Germany

Professor Roland Grafström and Dr PekkaKohonen.KarolinskaInstitutet, Sweden

Professor Ovanes Mekenyan. Laboratory of Mathematical Chemistry, Bulgaria

Safer Medicine Trust, UK

Professor Masahiro TAKAGI. Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Toshihiro Ona. Ona Lab., Kyushu University & OK Lab., Japan




Africa Network for Animal Welfare, Kenya

Dr Candida Nastrucci, The Alternatives EU, Italy

Anna Maria Bassi. LARF, Dept. Experimental Medicine, University of Genova, Italy

Institute for In Vitro Sciences, USA

Andre Menache, UK

Professor Ovanes Mekenyan. Laboratory of Mathematical Chemistry, Bulgaria


Young Researchers


Rober Bachinski, Brazil

João Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia, Brazil

Henrik Johansson, Sweden

Anne Krug, Germany

Kumiko Kusumoto, Japan

Thit Aarøe Mørck, Denmark

Jonathan Nicolas, Netherlands