Ending Animal Testing

Despite some successful and popular campaigns, animal testing still takes place.

Animal testing is both inhumane and unscientific and the Prize aims to speed the introduction of non-animal testing, particularly in toxicity testing for consumer products and ingredients.

Read more about the issues and how the Prize addresses them.


Supporting Alternatives

Animal testing is now widely acknowledged to be highly questionable, both scientifically and ethically, with regard to prediction of human safety and disease.

Adverse Outcome Pathways and 21st Century Toxicology offer new and better approaches to safety testing.

Read more about why we should promote these approaches for ending animal testing.


History of the Prize

Launched in 2012, the Lush Prize is a collaboration between Lush Cosmetics and Ethical Consumer – read more about the history of the Prize.

Below, the people behind the Prize explain how and why the Prize came into existence.