Lanunched in 2012, the annual Lush Prize is a collaboration between Lush and Ethical Consumer.

Lush is a campaigning manufacturer and retailer of fresh handmade cosmetics, with shops in 49 countries. Lush provides the resources and passion behind the Prize, which is one element of its ‘Fighting Animal Testing’ campaign.

Ethical Consumer is a research, publishing and campaigning co-operative based in Manchester, UK. It provides research and campaigning, and manages the Prize on a day-to-day basis.


The History of the Prize

The people behind the Prize explain how and why the Prize came into existence.


Why the Prize is needed

Despite some successful and popular campaigns, animal testing still takes place.

Find out more about the issues and how the Prize addresses them.


21st Century Toxicology

21st Century Toxicology is a new approach to safety testing which is exciting regulators, toxicologists, campaigners and companies around the world.

It has become possible because of advances in biology, genetics, computer science and robotics.

Find out more about why we should promote this approach for ending animal testing.